Deslea R. Judd (deslea) wrote in snapexlily,
Deslea R. Judd

Calling on the hive mind (fic search)

I'm looking for a fic that I've only ever seen on Deviant Art, but I suspect it was originally recommended somewhere on LJ around the time of the last movie. (I think it was written before that, though).

Frustrated that Dumbledore is not protecting her to his satisfaction, Snape moves into a little room in a Muggle pub near Godric's Hollow to watch over Lily from nearby. His fear is that having found her, Voldemort will be able to do the same. Lily, feeling claustrophobic one afternoon, goes to the pub and they meet. She goes with him to his room where they talk. He reveals the prophecy to her, and she realises that this changes everything: That if the Dark Lord is determined, specifically, to kill them, then her days and James' are necessarily numbered. She decides that in the light of their likely impending deaths, there is no need to fear the long-term impact on her marriage of her new understanding with Severus, so they make love. She leaves him on the understanding that this is their last meeting, and returns home to her family.

I've devoted hours to scouring DA for this thing, written elaborate Google searches, and...nada. Please, can anyone help?
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